Our Company

Our Company

INDECAR is a company dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of farming machines and tools specialized in DIRECT SEEDING, aimed at providing practical solutions to satisfy the needs of the agricultural producer.

We are responsible for having incorporated highly reliable machinery into the local market that was manufactured with new concepts of use, through innovative designs and new production technologies. It is focused on meeting the needs and demands of local producers.

Each of our products has an added value, which is undoubtedly the responsibility of returning to our customers the trust and commitment that motivated us to grow and invest in our country.

Sales market

Indecar is actively developing export markets. The supply geography includes 3 continents and more than 10 countries.

Ruta 8, Km 226
Pergamino, Buenos Aires
+54 9 2983-458410
Av. Gral Mosconi 975
Tres Arroyos, Buenos Aires
Coronel Suarez
Buenos Aires Province
+54 0358 465-0092
Av. Godoy Cruz 564
Río Cuarto, Córdoba
Pugliese 348
Tandil, Buenos Aires
Intendente Loinas 423
Marcos Suarez, Córdoba
Ucacha / Villa María
Córdoba Province
Ucacha / Villa María
Córdoba Province
+54 0358 465-0092
Av. Godoy Cruz 564
Río Cuarto, Córdoba
Bragado / Chivilcoy / Alberti
Buenos Aires Province
+54 3388 45-4151
General Villegas,
Buenos Aires Province
Manufacturing plant and administration
Ruta 7 Km 140 - Carmen de Areco
(6725) Buenos Aires | Argentina
+54 (02273) 444018 / 440419 / 443576

Direct sales contact
+54 9 2273 40-3675
+54 9 2273403675
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