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  • Multipurpose Machine
  • Large Capacity Hoppers
  • Transport Width: 3.8 M
  • Great Ground Clearance
  • Front Drive Wheel

Fine and coarse grains or pastures
It plants all varieties.

Configurable to any sowing measure
Suitable for any configuration on the market to fine or coarse grain.

Large capacity hoppers
5 m – 3250 l / 7 m – 4600 l / 10 m – 6500 l. It includes a retractable interior, a stirrer and an anti-mix lid system.

Transport width: 3.8 m
The only one in the market.

0.6 m ground clearance
Designed to be the one with the maximum clearance on the market.

Front drive wheel
Its position allows it to only exerts traction on firm ground (without tillage).

Balanced lift cylinders and hydraulic rocker arm
Copying of unevenness of the ground for a correct load balance.

Front wheel assemblies with 360° rotation
Free to follow the tractor or locked in the desired orientation.

Minimum hydraulic requirements
60 liters to 180 bars.

Electrical kit for variator boxes
Variable dose with sowing monitor kit.

Manufacturing plant and administration
Ruta 7 Km 140 - Carmen de Areco
(6725) Buenos Aires | Argentina
+54 (02273) 444018 / 440419 / 443576

Direct sales contact
+54 9 2273 40-3675
+54 9 2273403675
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