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Phantom 4200

Phantom 4200


  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Mixer Bottom
  • 4 Cuts Per Section
  • 2 Turbines
  • Easy To Clean
  • Joystick Controller
  • Fan Regulation
  • Independent Hydraulic Circuit Included
  • Monitoring Included

100% stainless steel hopper
Capacity of 4,200 l and 5,700 l.

Mixer doser bottom for fine grains and fertilizers
The only one on the market that allows mixing 2 products, varying the kilos of each one, which allows better use of supplies and the highest precision. Both for single-product and
multi-product dosing.

4 cuts per section
The only one on the market, with 18 outlets grouped into 4 sections avoiding overlapping.

Independent hydraulic circuit included with Load-Sensing system
Connected to the power take-off (PTO) to reduce the hydraulic requirement of the tractor.

Cleaning nozzles
Incorporated at the low part of each bottom to empty the hopper.

Diffuser nozzle with fan regulation
The only one on the market that regulates its dosers in height, to scatter radially and evenly on the ground.

2 blowing turbines
It allows individual adjustment of flow according to the material to be moved.

Integrated monitoring system
FGS version, with variable dose command and cuts per section.

18 material sensors
One in each material outlet pipe, attached to the sowing monitor.

Joystick for boom control
It operates all movements centrally.

Up to 25 meters working width
The only one on the market that goes from 20 m to 25 m in working width without material jams.

Individually closing guillotines
It allows to select and unselect the nozzle that will dispense the material.

Removable dosing gear assembly
Removable without taking out the bottom.

Quick coupling system to collector
For removal of the collecting structure from its bottom.

Built-in hopper remover
Continuous action, that breaks down the material.

Stainless steel distribution pipe
2” and fine caliber pipe to reduce weight and transfer material smoothly.

4 cargo scales
Connected to the sowing monitor.

Collapsible wings with cushioning
They absorb the torsion caused by the travelling movement.

Swing hanger
With hydraulic control for height adjustment.

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