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  • Modular Chassis
  • Floating Wings
  • 12 Support Points
  • Multipurpose Machine

Modular chassis (winner of silver medal in Expoagro 2020)
The only one on the market that has an ergonomic chassis patented by Indecar, which allows perfect copying in any type of ground condition and, as it is not rigid, prevents all
types of cracks.

Floating wings with preload
They transfer the weight of the chassis to the ends improving the copying of the unevenness of the ground.

12 sowing support wheels
Combined in simple, dual and rocker mode for stability of each module.

Configurable to any sowing measure
Suitable for any configuration on the market to fine or coarse grain.

Rear wheelset pivot system
It allows to reduce the transport width for carts.

Balanced lift cylinders and hydraulic rocker arm
Copying of unevenness of the ground for a correct load balance.

Front wheel assemblies with 360° rotation
Free to follow the tractor or locked in the desired orientation.

Mechanical wheel spin clutches
Avoid sudden steering movement (shimmy effect).

Torbox Hopper Cart

Developed by us

Total load: 13,000 liters
The only one on the market with 3 compartments that allow combinations (pastures, fine grains, coarse grains or fertilizers).

Dosing bottom on demand (patented by Indecar)
Exclusive for coarse grain crops.

Dosing bottom for fine grains, pastures and fertilizers
Multiline, assembled with 8 dosing rolls.

Configurable for fine or coarse
It includes all the accessories to change the working mode.

Fast connections
They facilitate disconnection with the seeder or the different modules.

Coupling clutch
It receives a signal from the monitor to couple and deliver rotation to the command.

Test handle
Useful for making density calibrations.

Mechanical control
32-points variator boxes.

Hydraulic support leg
Independent with manual pump.

Built-in grain elevator
Variable positions towards all loading openings.

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