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  • Plates With Safeguard
  • Hardox Metal Sheet Blades
  • Chain Carrier
  • It Spreads Any Material
  • High Performance Gearboxes And Reduction Gearing

Plates with security safeguard
Safeguarding of the complete system against jamming of the spreader plate.

Spreader blades in Hardox metal sheets
Maximum durability on the market due to less wear to friction.

Carrier with reinforced chains
0.5 m width with two chains.

The only one on the market that allows spreading both dry and wet material, with the same uniformity.

Highly durable gearbox
Designed for heavy duty.

Reinforced double square box
Provides uniform spin on both spreader plates for even distribution.

High load capacity
With a capacity of 4,000 liters.

Gate with front level indicator
Manual gate.

Cardan bars transmission
High resistance and durability.

Cargo scale kit
Optional for any model.

Minimum requirements for tractor power
PTO with 540 rpm and a power of 90 hp.

Working width
Working width: 10 m

Reinforced shaft
Detachable axle tips. 1 axle.

Manufacturing plant and administration
Ruta 7 Km 140 - Carmen de Areco
(6725) Buenos Aires | Argentina
+54 (02273) 444018 / 440419 / 443576

Direct sales contact
+54 9 2273 40-3675
+54 9 2273403675
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